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Digital People & Places

Connecting like-minded people.

Research shows that proximity is an economic driving factor - find ways to bring innovative people working closely together. It’s critical to have resources and amenities that interest digital workers and are needed to succeed. From the spaces they work to the events they attend, rural communities should make sure to invest in the infrastructure that supports the workforce of the future.

Work Spaces

Creative, modern, tech-powered.

We provide startup entrepreneurs and emerging innovative companies with tech-powered, flexible enterprise space. Whether you need a private office with hundreds of square feet or just a chair and a desk. The amenities are icing on the cake: fiber internet, full kitchens, conference rooms with video functionality, membership perks, coffee to wake you up and beer to keep you going.


Collaboration over competition.

One reason proximity is an economic driving factor is from the dissemination of information. It's also important to distinguish the difference between learning for the sake of learning, and learning for the sake of improvement. We've created a set of programs and events that put people who have been there and done that in the spotlight for others to learn from: Entrepreneur Roundtables, Fireside Chats, and Tech Talks.


Community over agenda.

From Beer:30 to #FoodFridays, we don't always have an agenda or itinerary. Sometimes you just need to get people in the same room and let organic conversations happen over food and drinks.

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