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Your Codefi office includes one electronic StandDesk, ergonomic task chair, lockable filing cabinet, and trash bin. For some, that’s all one needs. You’re also welcome to bring in additional accessories or other creature comforts. Contact any Codefi staff if you intend to make changes to the setup and they’ll help make it happen.


You read that right! Your office will have some wicked fast internet. Each private office has a data port for you to hard-wire into, or you can go wireless.


Your office comes with shared conference rooms--free on-demand access and booked through the Codefi member portal.


There is a multi-functioning printer/copier/scanner. But don’t let us catch you copying your face smushed up against the glass. Prints are limited to 100 B&W and 25 color per month per member. Additional prints can be purchased at a rate of $0.06 per B&W and $0.25 per color.


Your monthly fee includes all utilities, taxes, and insurance. Use the extra money and buy yourself something real nice.


This isn’t your run-of-the-mill grounds from your local grocery store. We ship in beans from around the world and have pour over equipment for the freshest coffee around. Drink up!


There’s more? There’s more. When it’s break time, head on over to the shuffleboard or beer taps. All members have FREE accounts to LegalGPS, an online legal resource app.

Tours must be scheduled in advance. This ensures our availability and helps our team focus on helping you choose the right Codefi space. Give us a call at 573.335.9675 or schedule a tour at the bottom of this page.

We have different private office space depending on your needs. Total square footage per private office ranges from 50 to 700+, with a majority between 100-200 square feet. If your team needs more than 500 square foot of office space, please contact us.

  • A flexible membership gives an individual 24/7 access to the coworking space. You have unassigned seating in a large open area. Phone calls can be made in phone booths and personal items must be taken home at the end of the day. You have all of the benefits of the coworking space without a private office.
  • A group membership includes 4 flexible memberships but has discounted pricing. Your group will have all of the benefits of the coworking space without a private office.
  • A partnership has all the benefits of individual memberships. We offer the number of memberships that fit your needs. We give visibility to partners throughout the space, at all of our events, and on marketing material. Partners go over and beyond by providing additional support that powers the coworking network.

Codefi is accessible to members 24/7. Codefi staff attend to the building between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Codefi is located in the historic Marquette Tower at 338 Broadway, in downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Members currently occupy the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors, and our main office is located on the 6th floor.

Your clients/customers are more than welcome to the space. As a member, feel free to bring a guest or invite a colleague to visit. If your guests and colleagues visit often, we will just hassle them until they become members.

Ample parking is available in the back of the building and there is limited street side parking as well.

Collaboration does lead to some chatter, but it is never at loud enough levels to distract. And open communication leads to members sharing knowledge that often saves time. That said, the space is generally a quiet and peaceful place to work.

Yes, plenty of people are usually chatting on their phones. if you need to have a private conversation, you can slip into a phone booth or conference room. Of course, we ask that members respect the fact that Codefi is a shared workspace.

You may pay by credit card or check. Memberships are paid annually or monthly depending on your plan. Private office space is paid monthly, renewing on the first day of the month.

Yes, mail service is provided to annual members during business hours. Your business address would be as follows:

Your Name or Business Name
338 Broadway Street, Suite 601
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Absolutely. Every first Thursday of the month is Beer:30, where we have a themed networking event with food and adult beverages. Once a month, we have Meet the Member, where we introduce members of the coworking space with interesting stories to tell. We have occasional fireside chats where we bring in successful business leaders to share their knowledge, as well.

Fast. Wicked fast.

...oh, you want numbers. We have a gig that is wired directly to each office. Stream away.

Hey, you gotta eat. But beyond food, we have all the gourmet coffee and tea you can drink (gulp gulp)! We have plenty of space in the fridge and we also have a microwave, toaster oven, and hot plate. And we can neither confirm nor deny that we have wine and whiskey stashed in case of an emergency.

Definitely. We control access to the space 24/7. Only members have door access to Codefi outside of business hours, and during business hours all guests are directed to the 6th floor reception area. All private offices have key locks and also lockable filing cabinets. The Codefi network is also a secured network.

No. In addition to monthly and annual memberships, we also have day and week passes. However, private offices come with a 1-year membership agreement. But you should know that we are committed to you--for the long term.

Codefi uses a coworking member management platform called Nexudus. If you are an active member, go to https://www.codefiworks.com/rooms and select which conference room you would like to book. You must be logged in to Nexudus to schedule a conference room. Or you can just schedule a room on one of the conference room tablets. Easy peasy.

Cooler than the other side of the pillow. Ok, that was actually a lame response. You really have to see it to believe it. But the space isn’t nearly as cool as the community. Drop in or schedule a tour today.