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Digital Businesses

Technology is the new manufacturing.

The decline of rural entrepreneurship has created opportunity gaps for most communities. While small businesses are vital to the area, tech-based startups often build additional wealth. New dollars enter and circulate in the local economy as products are created in with the ability to sell outside of the region. Our set of programs are designed for the community to attract and support technology companies to help them launch and grow.

Tech Startups

Helping to grow innovative companies locally.

Programs such as the 1ST50K Startup Competition provide $50,000 non-dilutive to teams that locate in the communities we power. As both an attractant for new talent and innovative teams as well as local access to capital, the program also offers access to venture capital and angel investment networks, mentorship, office space, and more.

Innovating Existing Businesses

Cultivating new opportunities.

Simultaneously, it's important for rural communities to find ways to manufacture opportunity as well. Following a design thinking approach, we look to regional industries and the experts in them to identify problems and needs that can potentially use technology as a solution. This can be developing technology for specific companies or entire industries.


Providing access to seed and early-state capital and resources.

We have several models for injecting capital into early stage companies, and they are all guided by the same philosophy: a community approach - creating structures for the local community, region, and state to support initiatives funding companies with founder-friendly terms that best sets them up for success in their rural communities.

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