How’s that caramel latte with the hustle and bustle of the business crowd interrupting your work? Or is your cat walking across your keyboard again as you take a break from calls?

As professional as an office in Starbucks or your basement can be, we think you can do better. Way better.

You can have a Google-like workspace without the high cost of an office and furniture. Whether you’re a freelancer or a telecommuter you are able to work when you want, how you want. With high speed internet (like, really fast), an open-device lab to test your work on every conceivable phone and tablet, free coffee imported from around the world, free weekly beer (you should be sold now but we’ll keep going), a community of like-minded and creative individuals, a game room, plenty of screens and Chromecast for wireless video streaming, and extra monitors because one is never enough.

The crazy thing? Your membership here is cheaper than coffee every day from Starbucks or your home internet bill. Come check us out.

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