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We award $50,000 non-dilutive funding to SaaS companies to relocate to and thrive in the rural Midwest.

Codefi Startup Grants

We award $50,000 non-dilutive funding to SaaS companies to relocate to and thrive in the rural Midwest.


About Codefi Startup Grants

Codefi Startup Grants is a program that awards $50,000 non-dilutive funding to recruit SaaS companies and help them thrive in the rural Midwest.

  • Program Duration: One (1) year.
  • Eligibility Requirements: To be considered for the program, you must agree that at least one (1) founder must relocate to Cape Girardeau, MO or Paducah, KY for the duration of the program.
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Why Codefi Startup Grants?

We are experts in helping launch and grow SaaS startups in the rural Midwest. You don't have to take our word for it.

10x MRR after signing enterprise clients with the help of Codefi.

From MVP to selection in nation's most prestigious fintech accelerator, to a $4-million seed round and attraction of industry-leading advisors and banking partners.

From MVP to seven-figure revenue, acquisition of international talent and a $2.5-million seed round offer.

From concept to national finalist in U.S. Farm Bureau Innovation Challenge, to hundreds of customers nationwide, six-figure revenue, and participation in one of nation's best ag-tech research centers at LSU.

What's in it For You?



Offered as a non-dilutive grant award. Whoa.


Hands-on Mentorship

We don't work with you, we work FOR YOU.


Capital and Resources

Access to seed and early-stage capital and resources.


Office Space

Provided at innovative coworking spaces in Cape Girardeau, MO or Paducah, KY.



Access to technical and non-technical skilled talent recruited, trained, and paid for by Codefi.



Access to a local network of investors and seasoned startup founders.

Why Choose

Free yourself from the distraction and chaos that big city life heaps upon you.

We’re here to prove that innovative tech startups can happen wherever the founders want to live.

Big Fish in a Small Pond

In a large city, you may be one of hundreds of startups.

Here, you’ll get the help and attention you and your company deserve and need to be successful early on.

Low Cost of Living

When a mortgage costs a few hundred bucks, your runway gets quite a bit longer so you can have time to grow your company.

Now you can get off the just-ramen diet. Enjoy more beer and BBQ.

Less Distraction

Startups are hard. You have to do a lot and work long hours. It just makes sense to remove the shiny objects.

Take Your Startup to the Next Level!

Win $50,000 and immerse yourself in a community working to help build your success.

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About Codefi

We are entrepreneurs who partner with private and public groups to deploy an innovation ecosystem to train digital workers and entrepreneurs, build and attract software-focused companies, and create community spaces to expand the digital economy in rural communities.

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