Redhawk Startup Fellowship

Hands-on startup experience.

Expand your knowledge beyond the classroom! Become an innovative tech sales fellow for your chance at paid fellowship opportunities.

Program Info

The Redhawk Startup Fellowship program offers hands-on tech sales experience to select students from a diverse set of backgrounds and majors. Throughout the academic year, students will complete a world-class paid fellowship, where they will gain on-the-job skills while working closely with local startups. Since its inception, the Redhawk Startup Fellowship program has resulted in full-time employment offers to 100% of eligible participating students.

Our next cohort kicks off in October!
Applications are open!

Become a Fellow

What is in it for you?

  • Paid fellowship
  • Internship credit
  • Management opportunities as Team Lead Fellow
  • Hands-on experience at high-growth startups
  • Mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs
  • Exclusive networking opportunities
  • Codefi membership
  • Training and experience in data source and sales cadence software
  • Real life resumé skills

The Impact of the Startup Fellowship on our Alums

The Redhawk Startup Fellowship program was established by Codefi, the innovation hub in downtown Cape Girardeau, in partnership with Southeast Missouri State University to offer opportunities for Southeast students to gain theoretical understanding, practical knowledge, and leadership skills needed to scale startups.

Application Info

Innovative Tech Sales Fellowship

Are you ready for your work to be purpose-driven? What if you could help aspiring entrepreneurs and founders make the connections and partnerships needed to grow their startup, while also learning valuable work skills and being trained on the latest business software programs? Codefi is looking for talented, ambitious, and innovative students to participate in our paid Redhawk Startup Fellowship Program.


  • Identify potential revenue-generating opportunities for partnerships, sales, collaborations
  • Use sales prospecting, intelligence, and CRM software to communicate with prospects and move them into the pipeline
  • You will communicate directly with business owners, director-level, VP-level, and C-level executives and strategically pique their interest in the startup you are working with
  • Book meetings by emailing, going in-person, leveraging social media, and calling prospects, and take an active role in facilitating the next step in working together
  • Compose and send targeted campaigns to a large number of prospects
  • Send personalized messages via email, LinkedIn, and other mediums
  • Work on various projects at all levels in an atmosphere of teamwork and open communication
  • Take part in continuous training sessions with your mentor and fellowship team to hone sales and communication skills


  • Team player with an emphasis on collaboration
  • Highly organized mindset
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • A positive, self-driven, “no excuses” attitude
  • Curious, creative, and tenacious with the ability to think outside the box to resolve problems
  • Coachability and a strong desire to become excellent in revenue generation

Interview Days

September 20-21, 2022 at Codefi
338 Broadway, 6th Floor
Cape Girardeau, MO

Enrollment includes a hand-selection of outstanding Southeast Missouri State University students from any discipline or major. Students who apply will sign up for an interview with our selection committee.


September 13

Application Deadline

Complete the application process

September 20-21

Interview Days

Pitch your business talents and skills to our selection committee

September 23

Decision Date

Selection committee selects the next cohort of fellows

October 2022 - May 2023

Learn and Work

Complete paid fellowship

Are You Ready for Real, Purpose-Driven Work?

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After applying, our team will review your application and resume and then send email communication to set up an interview with the selection committee.


Student Eligibility

The Redhawk Startup Fellowship is open to all Southeast Missouri State University students. All majors and areas of study are welcome.


Selection Committee

A selection committee made out of seasoned startup founders and Codefi team members will interview and select the next cohort of Redhawk Startup Fellows.


Interview Day Schedule

Entrants will be assigned a time slot for their interview during one of the two available interview days. A Doodle Poll will be sent to all entrants to select a convenient time slot, on a first-come, first-served basis.


Program Acceptance

All applicants interviewed will receive communication via email regarding acceptance into the Redhawk Startup Fellowship program, along with the next steps by Monday, September 26th.


Samantha Baumbach

International Business
Client Success Manager at Venku

Hien Minh Ngo

Integrated Marketing Communications
Fellow at SportsTrace

Thi Thanh Tuyen Nguyen

Computer Science
Fellow at SportsTrace

Nguyen Thao Pham

Computer Information Systems
Fellow at SportsTrace

Alex Pueschel

Business Administration
Finance Analyst at

Ruchika Sharma

Master of Science in Management
Brand Manager at Food Haven

Jon Shryock

Computer Information Systems
Front-end Software Developer at

Ramya Yalamanchili

Fellow at Venku

Dawson Yates

Human Resource Management
Human Resources Assistant at

Are You Ready for Real, Purpose-Driven Work?

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