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Software development is, and is projected to continue to be one of the fastest growing and highest paid occupations.

Codefi Works

Youth Education

Youth Coding League

The Youth Coding League is the only extracurricular coding program designed for middle school and junior high students that uses innovative, project-based learning combined with a competitive youth sports model to introduce students to computer science in a fun, engaging way.

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Adult Training

Start your journey into the world of coding.

Our Full-Stack Web Developer program provides the skills, practical experience, and job readiness to prepare you for high-salary, high-quality entry-level software developer jobs. No prior experience is necessary, and scholarships are provided to those admitted to the program.

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Rural Source Employment Network

Taking graduates from Code Labs and select programs from a network of rural communities, the rural source employment network connects talent to remote work opportunities from local, regional, and national employers. Led by the team at Codefi Labs, workers have the opportunity to pair program with veteran developers as they begin their digital careers.

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