4 Ways to Prep for the Software Developer Industry

New to the software development industry? Or maybe you’re looking to expand your pre-existing computer programming skills?

Either way, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the industry, whether it’s new to you or you’re already familiar. Check out ways to set yourself up for success while learning computer programming.

Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Learning a new skill set isn’t always easy. For many, computer coding might be one of those skills. If you’re just getting started or already knee deep, be sure to continuously put your skills to the test with side projects. Don’t have a GitHub profile set up? We highly recommend creating one so you can showcase your coding skills and the work you’ve committed to potential employers and colleagues.

Learn from Those Who Code for a Living.

There are always new things you can learn in the coding world -- new technology stacks, new versioning, new ways of doing things. People who learn computer coding, succeed by accepting those facts, and maintaining their drive and curiosity to learn. Surround yourself with professionals in the software development industry to help boost your morale AND your coding game as well.

Taking the Group Effort Approach

There is scientific research proving that group learning, especially with computer programming, is directly correlated to grasping concepts and improving. That is why we always recommend working with others in the software industry; check out online forums, ask other developers for help with your code, and watch videos on YouTube. There is a 100% chance someone else has that same question and you only help by posting it.

FREE Resources. Yes, Really, They’re Free!

Expand your coding knowledge beyond a training program like Code Labs1 or a similar education program. We’ve taken the heavy “Google-search” lifting off your shoulders and dropped a few resources below. And, yes, they are free. You’re welcome.

  • Explore courses offered by Udacity.2
  • Learn to code interactively at Codecademy.3
  • Online courses from top universities at Coursera4 and EdX.5
  • Online courses from top organizations and experts at Khan Academy.6

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