A little weird. A lot of fun. (Okay, maybe a lot weird.)

Codefi opened its doors in the historic Federal Building on November 7, 2014, as the area’s first co-working space and technology incubator with a larger vision for economic growth: to be a catalyst to increase the formation and growth of technology-based companies in our region.

We believe in:

Collaboration Over

Community Over

Doing Over

Innovators Over

Our Team

If anything brought us together, it was our dissatisfaction of the status quo. The “security” and “truths” that were promised from ivory towers and institutions (in whatever form that may have been) - yeah, we knew we could do better. Way better. But we also wanted to remove silos, break down barriers, and build a foundation - for a community of people who felt the same. Not just defying the rules; re-writing them. Together. Co-defying.

Breyana Ray James Stapleton Stacy Dohogne Lane Chris Carnell Heather Holdman Alexis Wunderlich Brian Holdman Brian Rhodes Alan Long Lee Hodges Zach Young

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Breyana Ray

Director of Community Engagement

Breyana comes to us after 7+ years in the aerospace engineering industry and is responsible for connecting internal community members and stakeholders to each other and the greater community. She works on and develops initiatives that provide company and industry-specific value to our members. She also plans and organizes the amazing events here at Codefi. Breyana has been with Codefi since November, 2016.

James Stapleton, Ph.D

Co-founder/Business and Customer Development

James has 25+ years of entrepreneurship experience with expertise in business and customer development. He is currently co-founder of three technology companies. He earned his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University and was the founding director of Southeast Missouri State University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Stacy Dohogne Lane

Community Director

Stacy joined the Codefi team in March of 2018 as the Community Director and focuses her work on youth coding education for the Marquette Tech District Foundation. A native of Cape Girardeau, Stacy facilitates and oversees youth coding camps, the Youth Coding League and other community outreach.

Chris Carnell

Co-founder/Venture Development

Chris has 10+ years experience working in and alongside startups and SMEs. He specializes in customer, process, and innovation development. He’s led economic development organizations the past three years, raising over $1 million to support startups and computer programming training for adults and youth.

Heather Holdman


Heather is a busy lady. Her bio is coming soon!

Alexis Wunderlich

Community Manager

Alexis joined Codefi in November of 2016. When she is not meeting the needs of our members, keeping the space functional, and maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Alexis is working on a degree in corporate communication. She is happy to have found Codefi and to be a part of something that impacts the community on a daily basis.

Brian Holdman

Co-founder/Senior Software Engineer

Brian, a native of Cape Girardeau, brings 21 years of software developing to Codefi. He specializes in Ruby on Rails, PHP and MySQL development, ASP, ASP.net, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Network Administration, Database Maintenance, Database Reporting, Web Development, Internet Marketing and SEO. He has extensive knowledge in both desktop and web applications and proven success in leading teams and finding innovative solutions.

Brian Rhodes

Front-end Developer and Designer

Brian utilizes his skillset in website and graphic design to create sites for a broad set of clientele. He uses his expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to tailor the user experience and bring a client’s concept to life. In addition to website development, Brian has experience in content writing and illustration, as well. Brian has been at Codefi since 2015 and has over 11 years of design experience.

Alan Long

Senior Software Engineer

Alan comes to Codefi with 7 years of software engineering experience. He specializes in software architecture, C#/ASP.NET, Ruby/Ruby-on-Rails, JavaScript, and GIS. From Learning Management Systems for the Education sector, to optimizing trading engines for Fortune 500 Finance companies, to custom software for the DoD, he brings with him strong technical and domain knowledge. Alan is a native son of Southeast Missouri, and has lived here his entire life. He has been with Codefi since 2017.

Lee Hodges

Full Stack Software Developer

Lee is a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University and a HIPAA Security Professional. Lee managed IT for insurance, financial, and medical for 13 years before switching over to the dev side. Lee is a graduate of Launch Code and one of the instructors for Code Labs One since 2017.

Zach Young

Full Stack Software Developer

Zach is a full-stack developer that works on every aspect of software development at Codefi. He has also has extensive knowledge developing, as well as designing, maintaining, and project management for E-commerce sites. A lifelong resident of Southeast Missouri, Zach has been designing and developing for 6 years and came to Codefi in 2017.