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Code Labs Interview with Graduate, Kyle Steinmann

July 15, 2024

Catalyzing Tech Economies

Innovation doesn't just happen, it's intentional. That's why we partner with regions like yours to educate and train tech professionals, nurture entrepreneurs, build and attract software-focused companies, and create vibrant communities of practice for collaboration. In strong tech economies where you live and work, innovation and tech entrepreneurship can truly flourish, creating local prosperity, greater economic diversity, and quality occupations that enhance careers for everyone.

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Our Why

Co-Defying Odds, Re-Defining Success

The Why Behind Codefi

We knew we could do better. Way better. Not just defying the rules, but rewriting them—together. Removing silos, breaking down barriers, and bringing real opportunities to communities often overlooked. Because access shouldn’t be limited by your zip code.

Codefi Co-founder, Dr. James Stapleton, explains our why at Biz417 THINK Summit.

Our Why:


We’re eliminating the skills and opportunity gaps preventing communities outside of major metros from thriving in the tech economy.

  • Young firms create nearly all net new jobs in regional economies
  • Startups innovate—they solve problems with better solutions
  • Entrepreneurs enhance a community’s quality of place
  • Tech professionals earn much more than most other jobs
  • Tech occupations provide great benefits and advancement
  • Tech industries are growing and attracting considerable investment
  • Tech skills can be affordable and accessible
  • 80% of all venture capital invested in the U.S. is in CA and NY
  • Lack of pre-seed and seed capital has been identified as biggest gap in Missouri
  • Charitable contributions co-invested in startups have immediate economic/social impact


Your Startup Journey Begins Here

Whether you're just starting out, or have some experience under your belt, the path from turning your idea into a scalable, successful tech business isn't easy to navigate alone. When you team up with Codefi, we act as your dedicated co-founders guiding you through every stage. From refining your business model to designing products, acquiring customers, raising capital, and building an unstoppable network, our experienced team provides hands-on mentorship using proven startup strategies. You bring the passion and vision; we bring the structured resources, expertise, and support to develop your tech idea into a thriving, scalable venture. Ready to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality?

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Tech Professionals

Launch and Grow Your Skills

Whether you’re an aspiring software developer or established coder, we’ve got training and ongoing education to prepare you for a successful career in tech. Our programs and resources evolve with the changing tech landscape so your skill set remains relevant and competitive in a growing industry. Paired with our innovative approach to on-the-job training and capstone projects, you can excel in the tech industry like a seasoned pro. Ready to learn?

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Youth Coders

Computer Science for All

Where can you discover accessible, engaging, and skill-enhancing computer science education for today’s youth and tomorrow’s tech leaders? Look no further than the Youth Coding League! In our all-encompassing program, young coders delve into coding, critical thinking, and problem-solving across a spectrum of exciting themes: Art, Game Design, Storytelling, Music & Sound, Fashion & Design, Friends, and Sports. With our focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and self-empowerment, Youth Coders not only find a community but also cultivate future-proof skills for a lifetime. Ready to join the fun?

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Philanthropy Meets Capital

Innovate SOMO Funds offer a pioneering regional approach that blends a non-profit fund fueled by charitable contributions with a for-profit fund supported by limited partners. Together, we co-invest to drive equity and revenue-based investments in startups throughout southern Missouri in the nascent and often precarious stages of startup development, where funding is most elusive. Looking to leave a legacy with lasting impact? Join us in paving the path for the prosperity of southern Missouri startups for generations to come!

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