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You've got the drive to solve big problems and the determination to turn your vision into reality, but you don't have to navigate the entrepreneurial journey alone. With Codefi as your co-pilot, you'll get the mentorship, strategic guidance, capital resources, and comprehensive support needed to propel your startup's success.

The Codefi Advantage

Founded by Entrepreneurs, Fueled by Experience

Like you, we're tech founders and entrepreneurs. And as one of the most successful venture development organizations in Missouri, we understand the drive and hustle it takes to build something great from the ground up.

We've combined our unique first-hand expertise with a powerful network of fellow founders, investors, partners and subject matter experts who have walked the entrepreneurial path before. Together, we're ready to roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with you to turn your vision into reality.

Why work with Codefi?

  • Founded by entrepreneurs with real-world startup experience
  • Access to no-cost professional services and founder mentors who have been there
  • Comprehensive support from product design through funding to customer acquisition
  • Extensive network connecting you to investors, partners, and experts
  • Skill-building events, clubs, and programs for networking and raising capital
  • No-cost software development with rapid prototyping to build and validate products quickly
  • Access to top tech talent and leadership
  • Proven ability to help startups raise nearly $50M, plus our own seed fund
  • We're passionate about clearing the path and removing barriers to success for southern Missouri tech founders

Startup Programs

Go from Idea to Launch and Growth

When it comes to charting your entrepreneurial path, you don’t have to guess what steps to take next. We’ve created four strategic programs to maximize your potential for learning, growth and funding as you progress along your startup journey. With proven frameworks and methods, we’ll help you identify the right problem to solve, hone in on customer segments, and achieve product/market fit so you can confidently launch and grow your startup. Plus we’ve wrapped in no-cost coaching from experienced founders, professional services like software development, lead generation, and ongoing consulting—all to accelerate your success. Ready to get started?

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World-Class Services

Personalized Comprehensive Support

As a tech founder, you’ve likely got a few questions when it comes to designing the right solution and setting your business up correctly. Our full suite of comprehensive services are designed to remove the common barriers to success (and real traction) in your startup. With hands-on support guiding you through product development, lead generation, professional legal and financial expertise, along with no-cost coaching from experienced founders, you can move forward in your journey with confidence and ease. Let’s set you up for success!

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Startup Weekends, Innovation Accelerators, and More

The Connections You Need

Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit with curated events, founders clubs and startup weekends! Elevate your skills in immersive workshops. Forge meaningful connections with founders and mentors. Pitch innovative ideas to investors looking for game-changers. With Codefi’s events, we aim to provide invaluable opportunities to learn, grow your network, gain insights, and potentially attract funding - the essentials for turning dreams into reality. No more going it alone – we've created an ecosystem to help entrepreneurs like you thrive. Join the community!

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Pre-Seed and Seed Capital and Resources

More money, more impact! In recent years, our team has helped startups in our programs raise nearly $50 million in equity capital. With the launch of our recently announced one-of-a-kind seed fund for promising founders in southern Missouri, we’re excited to continue supporting founders with preparation and prospecting. Paired with our extensive network of capital firms across the country, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities to be fully resourced as you build your startup.

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Is Codefi Right for You?

No more going it alone or facing barriers due to lack of access. Our door is open to entrepreneurs determined to shake up the tech world through innovation and disruption. If that's you, we want to be your co-pilots for this journey of building something amazing together.

We're a good fit if:

  • You're ready to adopt new approaches to thoroughly validate your startup concept
  • You have the passion and fortitude to persist in the hunt for a scalable, profitable business model
  • Your idea shows the potential to be desirable, viable and feasible
  • You welcome coaching and advice to maximize your chances of breakthrough success
  • You’re in the ideation phase, or within ~3 years of working on your concept

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