Marquette Tech District Announces Healthcare Hackathon Winners

The Marquette Tech District Foundation (MDTF) partnered with Saint Francis Healthcare System1 to host the first large-scale software hackathon of its kind in Cape Girardeau last weekend, July 19-21, 2019. Hosted at Southeast Missouri State University2, the event had more than 100 developers, designers, clinicians, and business experts from around the world signed up to participate.

The 48-hour straight event had local participants, teams representing California, Oregon, Virginia, the Netherlands, and students from Washington University, the University of Chicago, and Missouri S&T completing a mad dash to develop technology solutions for problems within the healthcare industry using guidance from mentors at Saint Francis focused on patient interaction. Winning teams walked away with $50,000 in cash awards.

“The hackathon presented Saint Francis Healthcare System the unique opportunity to gather fresh perspectives on many of the difficult problems facing healthcare today,” said Dr. Maryann Reese3, President and Chief Executive Officer at Saint Francis Healthcare System. “The innovative solutions presented here will help us further develop new approaches as we continue to serve our patients and our community. We are thrilled to have been a part of this first large-scale software competition in Cape Girardeau.”

The winning teams and projects are:

Foresight (San Francisco, CA)4 - 1st Place ($30,000)
Foresight uses the patient’s smartphone camera, combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), to supercharge the level of patient monitoring. Focused on wound-care, a patient is able to take a picture of their wound and automatically track its healing process using AI.

Avy (The Netherlands)5 - 2nd Place ($15,000)
Avy helps people with cardiovascular disease manage and control their lifestyle through multiple sources of data and the use of Artificial Intelligence, helping them take their medication correctly, and by finding a good balance between moving, relaxing, and food.

pam (St. Louis, MO)6 - 3rd Place ($5,000)
Prescription Adherence Management (pam) helps patients track medication adherence and clinicians to detect risk based on prescription fulfillments and adherence, reconciling medications to outcomes.

The winning solutions are made available through an open-source license, making these early prototypes free for anyone to use and improve. Additionally, moving forward, MTDF, working alongside Saint Francis Healthcare System, will work with the teams to bring the technologies to life for the betterment of patients.

The awards to teams were made possible by the Missouri Technology Corporation7, and event sponsors included Codefi, carGO8, Vizient Inc.9, Southeast Missouri State University, Red Letter Communications10, and Element 7411.

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