A little weird. A lot of fun. (Okay, maybe a lot weird.)

About Codefi

Our History

Codefi opened its doors in the historic Federal Building on November 7, 2014, as the area’s first co-working space and technology incubator with a larger vision for economic growth: to be a catalyst to increase the formation and growth of technology-based companies in our region.

Our Mission

We are entrepreneurs who partner with private and public groups to deploy an innovation ecosystem to train digital workers and entrepreneurs, build and attract software-focused companies, and create community spaces to expand the digital economy in rural communities. We want to eliminate the skills and opportunity gaps preventing workers and entrepreneurs in rural regions from thriving in the digital economy. In strong digital economies, workers drive innovation and become entrepreneurs, creating local wealth, more economic diversity, and future-proof jobs and occupations.

Collaboration Over Competition, Community Over Agendas, Doing Over Saying, Innovators Over Institutions

Our Team

If anything brought us together, it was our dissatisfaction with the status quo. The “security” and “truths” that were promised from ivory towers and institutions (in whatever form that may have been) - yeah, we knew we could do better. Way better. But we also wanted to remove silos, break down barriers, and build a foundation - for a community of people who felt the same. Not just defying the rules; re-writing them. Together. Co-defying.

Animal Lover

Liza Buerck

Youth Coding League Coordinator

Chris Carnell


Enjoys NBA Basketball

German Cruz

Code Coach

BTS Army Member

Sarah Gant

Community Director

Space Fanatic

Iva Harbison

Executive Services Administrator

Nature and Music Addict

Ryan Harris

Junior Software Developer

Twin Girls Dad

Lee Hodges

Junior Software Developer

Likes Hiking

Nolan Hovis

Code Coach

Library Superfan

Stacy Dohogne Lane

Director of Public Relations

Software, Writing, Meat

Alan Long

Senior Software Engineer

True-Crime Documentary Lover

Cody Lunsford

Digital Marketing Director

Loves Good-looking Shoes

Ivonne Medina

UI/Frontend Design and Development

Stand-up Comedy Junkie

Myles Murphy

Senior Digital Strategist

Bougie Grocery Shopper

Rachel O'Loughlin

Code Labs Program Manager

Sunshine Enthusiast

Mandie Presser

Vice President, Operations

Weekend Woodworker

Lex Pryor

Code Coach

Fascinated by Maps

Brian Rhodes

Senior Designer

Closet Gearhead

James Stapleton, Ph.D


Just Another Human

William Wilder

Code Coach

USA Paratriathlon Champ, 2014-2015

Zach Young

Senior Software Developer

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