Code Labs Expands with New Skill Development Courses

Free crash courses and deep dives to support career advancement for Missouri professionals

In response to the evolving job market, we’re excited to announce the launch of new crash courses designed to equip Missouri professionals with valuable skills for career growth. These courses are entirely free and open to individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of prior experience with coding.

The tech job market has become increasingly competitive. At Code Labs,1 we understand the current challenges and are committed to providing opportunities for individuals interested in entering the industry. Our next full-stack web developer cohort is slated to launch in January of 2025. Our new programs are designed to provide upskilling that is valuable in many different roles, not just as computer programmers.

Tailored to offer practical skills that are in demand across various industries, these new crash courses will offer insights with introductions into topics such as artificial intelligence, data science, quality assurance, and low-code solutions. For those that are interested in going further, they will be followed up with 3-month deep dive programs where participants can enhance their skills even more.

While no prior coding experience is required, it is recommended that applicants have at least a basic understanding in using browsers or spreadsheets. Other than that, a laptop and internet connection is all that is required. Professional Code Coaches will be leading the programs as groups receive hands-on training.

Very limited spots are available, so don’t wait to apply!2 Here are the details of the new crash courses we are offering:

Artificial Intelligence

Analyze, Predict, Optimize, Automate

Gives participants the skills needed to leverage generative AI to design, develop, translate, test, document, and launch applications and their code. Through the course, trainees will gain hands-on experience using generative AI tools and models, such as GitHub Co-pilot, Open AI ChatGPT, and Google Gemini, for various software engineering tasks.

Data Science

Analyze, Model, Interpret, Visualize

Trainees will acquire skills to extract valuable insights from large datasets to inform decision-making and enhance product functionalities. Training includes proficiency in programming languages like Python or R, familiarity with data manipulation and visualization techniques, and an understanding of statistical methods and machine learning algorithms.

Quality Assurance

Test, Ensure, Validate

Participants will learn techniques to ensure that software products meet predefined standards and requirements. The course learnings include testing methodologies, automation tools, and process improvements to enhance the reliability, usability, and performance of software applications.

Power Apps

Data, Integration, Responsive

Gives trainees the chance to learn how to build a responsive Expense App using Power Apps on top of a Dataverse table, incorporating conditional controls for enhanced functionality. Through the course, participants will go from getting an Intro to Power Apps and Dataverse to learning about conditional controls and launching their application, plus everything in between.

Applications for enrollment are now open!

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