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Codefi Partners with Southeast Missouri State University to Support Entrepreneurship and Tech Business Development Programs

The partnerships just keep coming this Fall, and we are pretty stoked about all of these new opportunities to continue our work with new people and organizations. We’ve officially partnered with Southeast Missouri State University,1 and together we’ll provide additional training, education, and support to aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs. Here’s how:

  • We’ve created a unique program called the ‘Redhawk Startup Fellowship’ that provides computer science and business students an opportunity to develop software and create customer and business model management for a “real” technology company, slated to launch in Spring 2021. We plan to involve our community to make this a true real-world learning experience for the students, so stay tuned for more on this soon.
  • Staff from Southeast’s Center for Economic and Business Engagement2 is moving into an office at Codefi, and they’ll be working closely with the Codefi team to develop and implement innovative services to help our members grow. They bring a lot to the table, and we’re excited to welcome them to our community.
Click to visit the SEMO Economic and Business Engagement Center in a new tab

The partnership with Codefi and Southeast Missouri State University will help us maximize the talent and resources available here to provide more workforce and business development services and equip our community with new skills in resilient, high-growth, high-pay occupations, as well as build and attract the technical companies that will employ them. It’s a big job, and we are ready for it with a little help from our friends at Southeast Missouri State University.

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