Code Labs grads ready to get to work!

They did it. After ten months of serious dedication, time and effort, individuals from across Southern Missouri and West Kentucky completed the most recent Code Labs1 program. Now they’re ready to enter the big leagues and become professional software developers.

This past week we hosted a ceremony to celebrate all of the hard work.

(Celebrating Code Labs grads)

Hard work that will prove to be worth it. Since we began Code Labs in 20172, graduates now employed have seen their pre- to post-program wages more than double. And what’s exciting is that they are still here in our community and region. Tech opportunities only for metro areas is a thing of the past. They get to live, work, and play where they want. Here.

That is possible because of how the Code Labs program has evolved over the years. Being community-focused means we get to see lasting impact. It’s a major reason for the success. Led by professional software developers from local tech companies here, the program trains adults to get the entry-level skills as a developer using the same tools that companies use in the real world.

(images of graduate GitHub profiles showing coding activity)

The last month of the program, Code Labs invites local tech employers to lead capstone projects, where participants increase their knowledge even more through experiential learning. It gives them an even better sense of what working as a professional developer is like, and for employers, they now have a new talent pipeline. Some of the employers and projects included:

  • Alan Wire3 (Sikeston, MO) - The group built an intranet for the mid-size manufacturing company that includes logins for individuals to view organizational information and announcements
  • Biokyowa4 (Cape Girardeau, MO) - The individuals here developed data visualization for the mid-size manufacturing company which included CRUD operations for daily production submitted by leadership from varying divisions within the organization.
  • Hearo5 (Springfield, MO) - A chat-based system for the healthcare startup allows individuals with disabilities to initiate and maintain text-based conversations with a remote support person using a touch screen device.
  • Transition6 (Cape Girardeau, MO) - The group worked on web development for the healthcare startup that connects recently certified CNA's, schools, and employers with solutions to meet awareness and operational needs.
  • Vintage Software7 (Jackson, MO) - A project focused on buying and listing businesses for Uptown Jackson.
  • Vizient8 (Cape Girardeau, MO) - An agile team management platform was built that provides the ability for users to manage and track teams based on skills and projects.
  • WarehouseQuote9 (Springfield, MO) - The project focused on creating a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) visualization that assists team management for their software builds at a glance.
  • Youth Coding League10 (Cape Girardeau, MO) - Finishing development of a platform to publish new coding curriculum for 5-8th graders across the country.

What’s incredible is that these companies partner with Code Labs for more than just talent pipelines and self-serving needs. They are actively giving their time and energy back to our community so people have opportunities to learn these tech skills, to people who may not have otherwise ever had access or exposure to them. Their generosity is planting seeds for a prosperous future for our region.

Build Better Things Together.

It’s the mantra that kicked Codefi off nearly a decade ago, and still holds true today. We’re so very fortunate that because of a couple of generous, requested-anonymous donors, agencies like the Missouri Technology Corporation11, and a recent award from the Missouri Department of Economic Development12, that we are able to provide this program at no cost to participants. The only thing they have to give is their time and effort.

We hope you join us in celebrating this milestone for the most recent grads. They sure deserve it. If you’re an employer looking for new talent, let us know and we’ll be happy to make an introduction.

We’re also accepting applications to the next cohort right now. If you’re interested in applying or know someone who this may benefit, you can find more info at

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