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Whether your team is looking to participate in a capstone project, hire tech talent, or somewhere in between, we work with tech companies across Missouri to understand their needs and identify ways to partner, together.

Partnership and support are unique for every tech organization and company which is why we choose to take a customized approach when working closely with tech organization leaders. This is also why we offer a wide range of ways for you and your team to get involved in the work we're doing. With opportunities to engage in employer-led capstone projects and paid work experiences or maybe you're looking for trained talent hungry to join the tech industry, we work hard to determine the best fit for your organization's needs and the needs of our trained participants. As we often say at Codefi, we believe in Building Better Things, Together. So, you ready to dive in and learn more?

Ways to Get Involved

Capstone Projects

Employer-led capstone projects are just that–projects led by employer partners on behalf of their company or organization alongside the guidance of our team of code coaches. Students engage in these projects as part of their tech training allowing them to gain hands-on experience while solving business problems and exercising their newly learned skills and knowledge.

Engaging with tech trainees on real-world challenges through a capstone project allows them to showcase their skills and creativity while providing valuable insights into their potential as future employees.

Benefits of leading an employer capstone project:

  • Gaining access to innovative ideas and solutions from trainees with fresh perspectives.
  • Opportunity to evaluate potential hires in a practical setting while also giving them a chance to network and receive mentorship.
  • Direct influence on the skill development of future tech pros.
  • Giving trainees exposure to real-life business environments and expectations allows them to develop their project management, leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.
  • Helping students add to their portfolio while they receive real-world experience solving industry-relevant problems.

Paid Work Experiences

Organizations and companies who participate in our paid work experience give our graduates an opportunity for hands-on experience and a chance to immerse themselves in your company’s culture.

Benefits of participating in a paid work experience:

  • No-cost tech talent for your team with immediate contribution to projects and tasks from trainees.
  • Opportunity to mentor and advise a potential employee while giving them a chance to earn income and gain valuable work experience.
  • Enhancing company culture by integrating enthusiastic and eager-to-learn individuals that immerses them in an environment set up to gain insights into daily operations, workflows, and positive workspaces.
  • Helping increase the confidence and employability of trainees post-graduation while further developing their skills and knowledge in the tech space.


Cultivate talent from within by providing mentorship and guidance to graduates, supporting them for specific roles within the company, and fostering loyalty and productivity. Add a fresh perspective to your workspace with individuals ready to get to work while helping reduce onboarding and training costs associated with hiring entry-level developers.

Employers and trainees benefit from participating in an apprenticeship program allowing both groups to work closely together in the industry, learning from one another, and contributing to the success of the company.

  • Development of a highly skilled workforce tailored to company needs equipping trainees with hands-on experience and immediate application of knowledge.
  • Access to potential government incentives and grant programs.
  • Strengthening the talent pipeline with loyal and trained individuals while also increasing their potential for long-term employment.
  • Helping participants earn while they learn from your team in a structured and supportive environment.

Contingency Contracts

Secure access to top graduates upon successful completion of their training, ensuring a steady pipeline of qualified candidates without the financial responsibility of traditional recruitment methods.

Benefits of utilizing contingency contracts:

  • Flexibility to scale your workforce up or down based on project needs with temporary contracts
  • Evaluate potential long-term hires with contracted employees
  • Save time and money by avoiding advertising costs, interview time, and onboarding expenses
  • Access to talent with niche expertise for specific projects

Hiring Grads

Employer partners have access to recruit grads equipped with hands-on tech training who have demonstrated their ability to learn and apply new tech skills, providing immediate employment opportunities to newly skilled individuals.

Benefits of hiring tech talent from our training programs:

  • Quick access to a pool of job-ready, trained candidates reducing recruitment and training costs.
  • Fresh perspectives and up-to-date knowledge brought into the organization.
  • Increased diversity and innovation within the workforce while providing graduates an opportunity to put their newly acquired skills to practice.

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Getting involved in our workforce training program is not a one size fits all for tech organizations and companies which is why we build custom partnership opportunities that make the most sense for your team—ready to get started? Let's Build Better, Together.

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What Our Employer Partners Have to Say

Getting the right tech talent added to your team can be difficult. We make it easy for you. Need convincing? Hear from tech employer partners we have been privileged to work alongside.

Ben Pomerenke

WareHQ Labs

“When we hired a Code Labs graduate, our team was small but growing. Immediately they helped by simply being another set of hands in our collaborative process. Over time they have become a core member of our team.

What became clear very quickly was the graduate's ability to use their experience outside of the field to boost outcomes for our team and product. Yes, there were a few gaps in understanding that we had to work through, but none of them outweighed the benefits of their additional perspective.

Furthermore, the fact that they were more junior led our team to identify and shore up a number of process gaps that are easy to gloss over when everyone is a power user. This was critical to a growing team because their insight and our corrections in the team process were the very things that allowed us to confidently bring on more team members and maintain a fast pace. As they have become more familiar with the technologies, they cannot only build quality features but also lead requirements analysis and triage defects. We wouldn't be the same team without them around and their self-starter mentality continues to push the team to new heights.”

Employer Spotlights

One of our goals for those who graduate from our training programs is to keep tech talent…local. We can’t do that without stellar employer partners with that same desire. So, here’s to the employer partners and champions we have enjoyed working alongside during capstone projects, apprenticeships, and paid work experiences, who have helped us improve our curriculum and program offerings, and most importantly, hire our graduates!

Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Alan Wire
Bass Pro Shops
Computer Services, Inc.
IHM Used Parts
Parent ProTech
Red Letter Communications
Smart Marketing
Vintage Software
Vizient, Inc.
WareHQ Labs
WW Wood Products
Youth Coding League

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